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     "Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource." 
                                                                  Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class
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     Amanda   Margaux F and Ally P in NYC     Margaux F in Carnegie Hall    Meryl Streep to winners
     2008 Gold Medal in NY for Amanda R., 2012 Gold and Silver Medal winners Margaux F and Ally P., Carnegie Hall shots of Margaux and Meryl Streep.
    What does it mean to win nationals in Scholastics?  Link to local Scholastics information.  See local award shows below.
    Thanks to The Tower  for the great articles on PHOTO and on ART!
    Thanks to The Mothers' Club   for all they do to help the Art Department! 
    Thanks to our awesome ALUMNI, for sharing their successes!
    ARO AM darkroom: Tues 7:12-8:00 
    South’s Art & Design program provides all students with critical 21st century skills--

        analytical thinking and creative problem solving. 

    These essential skills give our students the edge as they gain awards, college admissions, scholarships, exciting career options, and—most importantly—success in a fast-paced future of visual communication and creative innovation.

    21st century learning calls for . . .  

    ·      Innovation/Creativity/Ingenuity/Imagination

    ·      Inquiry/Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

    ·      Collaboration/Team Work/Communication Skills

    ·      Adaptability/Flexibility

    ·      Connections to the real-world/global perspectives

    ·      Developing individual talents

    These are the skills of the future; South Art students develop these skills every day! Art students solve physical, visual, and conceptual problems with innovation and ingenuity every day.  Art students solve problems by thinking, experimenting, communicating, collaborating, and adapting to obstacles.  Our department is committed to giving students assignments that are rooted in these real-world success skills.  
    Senior AP Studio Legacy Projects:  Seniors in our Advanced Placement courses are invited to leave a visual legacy at South.  Here are some of their gifts to our school!
           Alijah D acrylic mural     Erika L and Jade L
           Melissa B and Zoe C mural        Kelsey H. oil ptg
    New 2013 Legacy Mural now in the IA bridge (and on the Art Department page) by John D.  John's quote below:  

    "South really changed my life. I came into South without caring about art in really any way. I thought it was just something cool to look at. The teachers here taught me how to think about art in a different way. I realized I could say what I couldn’t any other way and make people look at it too. The art department gave me direction in my life and I’m proud to say I’ve gotten in to every art school I applied to and also received some great scholarships thanks to the teachers here. So ya pretty neat I guess. LOL! Uh have fun and go out there into the world and reach for the stars. You can do it"  John is studying design at Virginia Commonwealth University, where top design firms recruit talent and students spend a lot less!  Smart guy! 

     Other students making the world a better place with their art:
     Abby G and Nicole K creating an inspiring world of images for elementary students at Rodgers Elementary School: 
    Corey T's GPfish "Michigan Brook Trout" raised over a $1,000 for local charities.
    Nicole K, Abby G and Kiersten Kern created a Blue Devil Fish for South's pool area.
    Alex P. and North students were sponsored by GPFPE members in making an education themed fish for the district.
       fish in hall   Alex P
    Lots more if you scroll down!
    See all Scholastic Art and Writing Awards on the department web site!


    Other Art Students with Notable Accomplishments  .  .   .



    Band and Orchestra Concert Art :  (see display board)


    Kiersten K “A Salute to Disney”

    Madison S “Yule be Boppin’”

    Ruth K "Concert”


    Art Supply Fund Holiday & Art Card fundraiser:  (see display board)

    Holiday:  Larry , Persephone C, Rachel F, Karri T, Madison S, Corey T, Kiersten K, Melissa B (’11) and Friends of Art supporter Suzy Fishback (parent).


    Note:  Becca C, Lindsay F, Gena C, Chelsea A, Nicole K, Mary P, Kate K, Persephone C, Maren P

    National Art Honors Society:

    President   Erica B

    Vice President:   Madison S

    Communications:  Zoie U and Kay C

    Secretary:  Marina B 

    Treasurer:  Kayla S

    Public relations: Brianna H 




     Congressional  Art Competition:  13th District

    Casey W 2nd Place   (left) 

    Alijah D  3rd Place   (not pictured)




    General Motors Design International:  Special event with career workshops

    • Creative Digital and Clay Sculpting with GM designers
    • CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) with GM designers
    • Color & Trim  with GM designers
    • Brand Identity and Graphics with GM designers

    GM Design International is “delighted you have a desire to learn more and gain practical knowledge as you continue your education and pursue career options in transportation design and in the creative arts.  GM Design Center desires to develop new and innovative outreach programs to help students make informed career choices.”  

    South participants:  Avery D, Emily W, Julian J and Lane H

    Ford House “Grimmly Inspired” Show: 

            Abigail G  1st Place                       and     Amelia R  2nd Place


     Rodgers Elementary Library Mural project. 

    Abigail G & Nicole K (see below and NAHS web site for video!)
    Lots more if you scroll down!
    2012 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
    Gold Key Photography Portfolios
    Emily C.
    Jade L.
    Kelly L.

    Individual Award Winners

    Neala B. - Silver Key - Photography
    Courtney B. - Gold Key - Photography
    Misha C. - Certificate - Design
    Maggie C. - Certificate - Photography
    Zoe D. - Gold Key - Painting
    Zoe D. - Gold Key - Printmaking
    Alexandra D. - Silver Key - Photography
    Darian D. - Certificate - Photography
    Madison D. - Certificate - Photography
    Alijah D. - Certificate - Mixed Media
    Alijah D. - Certificate - Drawing
    Alijah D. - Certificate - Mixed Media
    Margaux F. - Gold Key - Photography
    Margaux F. - Gold Key - Photography
    Margaux F.- Silver Key - Photography
    Margaux F. - Certificate - Photography
    Margaux F.- Certificate - Photography
    Margaux F. - Certificate - Photography
    Alexander G. - Certificate - Drawing
    Abigail G. - Gold Key - Drawing
    Abigail G. - Certificate - Painting
    Abigail G. - Certificate - Painting
    Abigail G. - Certificate - Drawing
    Emily H. - Certificate - Photography
    Nicole K. - Silver Key - Painting
    Kiersten K. - Gold Key - Design
    Kiersten K. - Gold Key - Digital Art
    Zachary L. - Certificate - Drawing
    Kelly L. - Silver Key - Photography
    Emma L. - Certificate - Photography
    Jade L. - Silver Key - Photography
    Jade L. - Certificate - Photography
    Jade L. - Certificate - Photography
    Ramon M. - Certificate - Photography
    Drew M. - Certificate - Digital Art
    Chelsea M. - Silver Key - Photography
    Alexander M. - Certificate - Digital Art
    Alexander M. - Certificate - Digital Art
    Andrew O. - Certificate - Jewelry
    Kerrigan P. - Gold Key - Digital Art
    Alexandra P. - Gold Key - Photography
    Alexandra P. - Gold Key - Photography
    Alexandra P. - Silver Key - Photography
    Meghan P. - Certificate - Jewelry
    Lauren S. - Certificate - Photography
    Abigail S. - Silver Key - Photography
    Ellison Z. - Certificate - Photography
    2012 The Great Frame Up Show and Awards 
    The Great Frame Up at 20655 Mack Ave. supports South and North H.S. art students annually

    in a two-week art show at the GFU gallery/store across from Parcells.  The GFU staff professionally frame all of the work in the show, making it a particularly impressive display of student work with a built in benefit for each 2D image--students get to keep the gorgeous matting and framing of their art work!  Cash awards of $50 are also given in each of the five categories:  drawing, painting, photo, graphic design, 3D design. Winners highlighted below.  Many thanks to Heather and the staff of The Great Frame Up for another wonderful show. The winners this spring were:   


    GFU 2012:  Category winners in red

    Graphic Design


    Alex P   “Armor”

    Kiersten K   “Decorated Elephant”

    John D  “Only”

    Misha C  “Back in Time”

    Christina S  “the Road”




    Abby G   “Nicole”             CHOSEN for NATIONALS

    Kenzie P  “Dark Side”

    Corey T  “Brook Trout”

    Maya G  “Ice Cream Cone”

    Nicole K  “Mary”




    Zoe D  “Unspoken”

    Casey S  “Peaches”

    Alex G  “Grapes”

    Lindsay F  “Pumpkin”

    Ella C  “Another History”




    Neala B  “untitled” (London triptych )

    Abby S  “Lone Chimney”

    Casey W  “I spy”

    Drew M  “Paws for the Cause”

    Yasmin S  “Childish Reflection”




    Emily V “Japanese Mush”  raku fired  cups

    Amelia R   “Constellations”

    Grace M   “Figure”

    Andrew O   “Staff”

    Ellen S  “Mask”



    ArtFest 2012 was in the MPR from March 28th - 31st.
    The opening and awards were at 8pm, 3/28.
    Congratulations to all students who participated in ArtFest 2012--
                           it was a fabulous show!!! 
    ArtFest Award Winners 2012: 

    ArtFest Awards 2012





    Award title

    Awarded to

    Mother’s Club

    ArtFest Poster &Program Cover Design

    Madi D

    Mother’s Club

    ArtFest Committee Awards

    1)Casey S- Bare foot

    2) Kenzie P- Diet Coke

    3) Andrew O- Just me (showcase in hallway)


    Grosse Pointe Art Center - Amy Debrunner

    Grosse Pointe Art Center Award

    for Outstanding Achievement in Art


    1. Photography -  Kelly L “Clarity”

    2. Drawing -  Allijah D “The beautiful one”

    3. Fibers/Paper – Erica A “Minus Flesh”

    4. Communication Design – Ella C “Dam” pink

    5. Metal – Eliott G “Pearl of the Sea”

    6. Illustration – Zoe D “Submerge”

    7. Ceramics -  Riley E “Lost Face”

    8. Sculpture – Erica B “Mirror, Mirror”

    9. Best of Show – Kelly L

    Rainy Day Art and Framing Co.-

    Rainy Day Art and Framing Co Award

     "Most creative use of Products" 1for each (crafts, painting, and drawing)


    1- Alex P

    Armstrong Tool & Supply

    Armstrong Jewelers Tools and Supplies

    Excellence in Metalsmithing 


    1-    Eliott G


    Charlene Blondy

    Posterity-  A Gallery Award

     young artist showing promise (9th or 10th grader- work on paper)-


    1-      Maren P     

    Stewart Photography/Robert Stewart

    Stewart Fine Portraits Award

    Excellence in Photography


    1  Kim B

    2  Chloe G

    3  Kelly L

    4  Giovanna P


    Jack Summers


    Jack Summers Award

    One for excellence in Drawing  and one for excellence in Photography


    1- Drawing – Alex G

    2. Abby S

    Gene Pluhar


    Gene Pluhar Award

     for innovative materials exploration in Metals, Ceramics or Sculpture.


    1 Andrew O

    2 Amelia R

    3 Emily V

    Barbara Gruenwald


    Barbara Gruenwald Art Awards
    Excellence in Drawing & P, ainting and Excellence in Communication Design


    1-    Drawing and Painting- Alijah D


    2- Communication Design- Alex P


    Lakeshore Optimist Club Awards

    Lakeshore Optimist Club Award- One for a freshman, One for Excellence in Art


    Freshman- Ashley B -metal pendant


    Excellence- Zoe D- body of work

    The Horn Family Awards

    The Horn Family Award- "Honoring the teachers of Kelsey Horn ‘11”


    1-    Alex P- Jars

    Heidi Dauphin

    Former student and currently an art teacher

    Heidi Dauphin Award

    for excellence in ceramics, metals, or sculpture


    1- Cathy P

    Avanti Press

    Avanti Award-

    Excellence in Photography

    Multiple winners-


    1-Emily C  

    2-John D

    3-Ally P

    4-Larry B

    5-Madi D

    6-Margaux F

    7-Spencer S

    8-Emma L

    9-Jade L

    10-Courtney B

    11-Adelle V

    12-Maggie C

    13. Darian D

    14. Drew M

    15. Maddie G

    Fragel Family Award “Honoring Kit Aro”

    Fragel Family Award "Honoring Kit Aro"-

    1-    Maddie G

    Cathy Naughton


    Cathy Naughton Award

    For Excellence in Art-


    2-    Zach L

    Christina Stelma and James O'Donell

    The O'Donnell Family Award "In honor of Gene Pluhar":

    for excellence of level 1 and 2 students

    1- Ellen S

    2- Allison C

    Linda Birg


    Birg Family Awards- “Honoring the teachers of Kelly Birg ’00 and Jeff Birg ’06”
    For excellence in 2D  and 3D Art and photo for level 1 and 2 students.

    1Ramon M

    2Holly B

    3Eliott G

    4 Riley F

    5 Max R

    Mark and Diana Domin


    Domin Family Award for Excellence in Ceramics

    Ceramics and Photo, first or second year student



    Photo-  Casey W


    Ceramics- Jon A

     (award- anonymous)

    Goddess Devine Award



    1-    Meghan P Double/single Donut

    Knotted Needle

    Knotted Needle Award for Excellence in Art

    1-    Ally P

    Margaret Rose Award

    Margaret Rose Award


    1-    Marina D “Hell’s Lure”

    Karen S



    Excellence in Art-  Award in honor of Mary Aro 


    1) Alijah D- Jasmine

    2) Nicole K- Obsession

    3) Abby G- Nicole

    4) Zoe D- Chester

    5) Katherine P- self-portrait




    Art Faculty Awards

    2  per concepts class

    1  for ArtNow?




    Elise G, Kelsie S, Lizzy L, Ethan T, Maggie C, Colleen R, Kelsey D, Ben M, Alex R






    Principal’s Purchase Award

    1-Cody S “Purgatory”

    2-Margaux F “Le Passage de Treboul”



    No Sponsor

    Community Service  Recognition

    Separate sheet







    Other Art Students with Notable Accomplishments this year .  .   .


    GpFish designs

    Abby G and Nicole K “blue devil fish”

    Corey T and Mr. Austin’s “Michigan Brook Trout”
                         Pricewaterhouse Coopers sponsoring

    North/South students collaborating on a design. 

                                          GPFPE Sponsoring


    Congressman Hanson Clarke Art Award last June: 

    Corey T, 5th place with 1 year display in the Greektown office


    Congressman Hanson Clarke Art Award June 2012: 

                Casey W, 2nd place and Alijah D, 3rd place, both with 1 year display in Greektown office
    Tri-County High School Exhibition at the Art Department Gallery at Wayne State University.  
              Zoe D, 1st place and a $2,000 scholarship


    Band and Orchestra Concert Art :  (see the Band design board)

    Last school year in the spring:

    Alijah D, Gena C and Colleen M

    This school year:                                       

    Kirsten K, Chloe G and Alex P


    Art Supply Fund Christmas card fundraiser:  (see the card design board)

    Abby G, Kiersten K, Alexandra P, Corey T, Allison C, Mary P, Rachel F, Lindsay F, Melissa B (’11)


    GP Animal Adoption through the Grosse Pointe Art Center:

    Jade L won 1st prize at Grosse Pointe Art Center exhibit.

    Chloe G won 2nd prize. 

    Maren P also in show.  All three donated their work for charity.



    Looking Glass' Editors' Choice for Art 

    Alex P for her piece, "The Ninety-Nines".


    Nikon and Art Forum Magazine Photo Contest

                Jade L won honorable mention


    Michigan Education Association Student Art Show in Clinton Township

                Kelly L, Drew M, Giovanna P, Courtney B,

    Kiersten K, Abigail G, Nicole K, Margaux F, Jade L, Emily H


    Rodgers Elementary Library Mural project. 

    Abigail G & Nicole K (see below and video from the kids!)

    PHO, TO ONE: 
    For more on PHOTO ONE, see the PHOTO PAGE!
    For specific assignments and due dates, see the PHOTO ONE file library, left.
    To view student work, see the PhotoStory in the Concepts File Library, left!

    The final project in Art History is a researched defense of a 20th or 21st century artist.  Student samples include Gigi’s research on Kathe Kollwitz and Tyler’s research on Brancusi.  There are many great sources on the web, but there are also many sites that confidently offer incorrect information.  In my sample on Rauschenberg, I utilized the New York Times obituary and other sources from authors who sign their work! Remember to use authored sources only; if there is no author listed, do not use that source!  

    Speaking of art history, see what South grad Ana De Roo (below) is up to                                                            at this link to Princeton’s web site!

                               , ;                              , de roo   

    Ana in Madrid combining knowledge of chemistry and art as she helps to restore sections of Italian painter Paolo Véronèse’s “The Wedding at Cana.” 

    A Blast from my Past: 

    The very cool and fun Romeo and Juliet WebQuest (below) was a favorite of my Freshmen English classes as they filmed and starred in their own versions of Romeo and Juliet set in more contemporary time periods. The American Literature Harlem Renaissance WebQuest is a project I created to help kids explore the art, music and literature of the 1920s.  Also check my German web page links, particularly the one to my former stomping grounds in Freiburg, Germany.  Finally, the last link is to my Advanced Placement Language and Composition web page, which has many useful links.   Mrs. Roarty and I designed The Contemporary Essayist Project to foster students’ understanding of how the top American newspaper columnists use the language of persuasion today.

    Freshman Romeo and Juliet WebQuest - link to a great WebQuest by Katherine Foret and Kristin Weber

    American Lit. Harlem Renaissance WebQuest  - my own WebQuest with links to information about the Jazz Age

    German Links – my German page with fun links to German magazines, Albert Ludwigs Uni in Freiburg, and more

    Advanced Placement Language and Composition -  my page for South AP’s Contemporary Essayist Project

    So, Enjoy!


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