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      The Center for Advanced Philology and Philosophy at Grosse Pointe South
    J. Kevin Cox
    school fax: 313.432.3502
    Interact Service Club meets in room 297. Our student-led organization is sponsored by the Grosse Pointe Rotary Club, and we strive to place "service above self" through several projects and volunteer endeavors throughout the year. You are very welcome to join us! Our Schoology group is GP South Interact and our access code is: JKWGP-TBF8W.
    Please check Schoology for general updates and grade entries. I am available before/after school for additional assistance. I want to help you find success in your studies!
    Students should come to class ready to learn, share, compose, analyze, and appraise. We have a lot of fun in these courses, but we also dig in and THINK. Students may use their phones with teacher permission, but this is generally a "phones-off" classroom. I appreciate your respect for this policy. Confiscated phones will be turned in to the main office for student retrieval. Parents who obsessively call or text their children throughout the school day are encouraged to back off and find a different hobby--perhaps vegetable gardening or charity work. Help your children learn to focus, solve problems independently, and realize the power of sustained thinking.
    Your presence is important! Students with planned absences should see me beforehand. Assignments are listed on Schoology, so students can often keep up with many assignments even while they are away from school. If students know of an impending absence, I appreciate the heads-up so that the student and I can preview upcoming endeavors. In general, students have up to twice the number of days as the absence to submit homework from an excused absence. However, long-term assignments or tests may need to be made up beforehand. Students who receive ATT-R status should make arrangements to see Mr. Cox a.s.a.p. after their meeting with administration. 
    Parents, as we endeavor to help your child learn to become responsible and independent, I respectfully request that you speak with your child and have him/her see me before contacting me with questions about academic progress. Help your children take ownership of their academic progress.
    Schoology's online gradebook is a double-edged sword. Being able to gauge progress is important, but constant "grade hovering" can be detrimental to both students and parents. At the start of each quarter, just a few low grade entries can cause a bumpy start that may look alarming. Parents, I ask that you handle this at home by encouraging good study habits and priorities. I will do what I can here at school. If a problem arises, please speak with your child and have him/her see me. I will gladly assist students before/after school and communicate with you if/when you have any questions. I appreciate your help as we work together to help your child become a responsible, critical-thinking young adult.
    CONTROVERSIAL TEXTUAL CONTENT: (From the College Board) 
    Issues that might, from particular social, historical, or cultural viewpoints, be considered controversial, including references to ethnicities, nationalities, religions, races, dialects, gender, or class, may be addressed in texts that are appropriate for the course. Fair representation of issues and peoples may occasionally include controversial material. Since students have chosen a program that directly involves them in college-level work, participation in this course depends on a level of maturity consistent with the age of high school students who have engaged in thoughtful analyses of a variety of texts. The best response to controversial language or ideas in a text might well be a question about the larger meaning, purpose, or overall effect of the language or idea in context. Students should have the maturity, skill, and will to seek the larger meaning of a text or issue through thoughtful research.

    I will gladly help students before/after school and/or during tutorial and prep. time. South library offers a "zero hour" tutorial as well as after-school study hours. NHS volunteer tutors are also available.
    I write several recommendation letters--20 or more--each year. Due to this workload, I respectfully request that students let me know far in advance if they would like a recommendation for a scholarship or college application. Please complete this recommendation request guide sheet, which helps me add depth to my recommendation letter. A recommendation is a privilege, not a right; please ask me if I will write one for you.
    Thank you,
    Kevin Cox

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