Ms. Jeannie Dolson
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    Architecture Club Advisor, Young Democrats of America Advisor

    I'm a graduate of South and have a B.S. and M.A. from MSU in Industrial Arts Education and Education, respectively. I spent nine years teaching Drafting, Architectural drafting and Woodworking at Union City High School and Middle School. I then spent a number of years being a stay-at-home mom and active school volunteer for my three children.


    I was hired by the Grosse Pointe Schools as a Library Media Specialist after earning my Master's degree in Library and Information Science at Wayne State University in 2006.  I spent one year at Maire and Barnes and one year at South and various kindergarten classes as Library Media Specialist, four years teaching half day Elementary Library at Monteith(1 yr.) and Poupard(3 yrs) and half day at South. This is my fourteenth year in the district, my twelfth teaching Industrial Tech classes at South.

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