The Pierce Middle School community believes that standards of neatness, modesty, and appropriateness in clothing and accessories encourage an atmosphere conducive to learning, work, and discipline. Adherence to the dress code is expected of all students. Parents should assist the school in enforcing these standards by sending students to school each day in proper attire. Please see the district dress code guidelines updated during the 2017-18 school year. Below are administrative guidelines for Pierce which are common practice at all three middle schools.

    1. Determination of appropriate dress is made by the administration. However, any faculty member may question whether attire is acceptable and direct a student to the office.
    2. Students may wear slacks, jeans or shorts to school. Yoga pants and leggings must be worn with an appropriate top. Tights or tight stretch pants may not be worn as slacks. Shorts must have an inseam. Pants must be worn so that underwear cannot be seen. Tight skirts, skirts with slits, tight shorts and tight tops are not allowed. Skirts and dresses worn to school must cover undergarments and adequately cover a portion of the thigh at all times.
    3. Clothing should be clean and in good repair.
    4. All tops must have sleeves or straps. Straps must fit sufficiently so they do not fall off shoulders. Undershirts, low-cut or bare midriff blouses are not permitted. Students are expected to wear clothing that adequately covers the chest, back and mid-section.
    5. T-shirts with alcohol, cigarette, drug, violent, hate or other inappropriate messages are not allowed. Students are expected to wear clothing that does not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or any other marginalized group per district policy 5517 - ANTI-HARASSMENT
    6. Shoes are to be worn at all times in school. Students are expected to wear shoes that enable them to safely participate in all school activities. Flip flops and other shoes without a strap on the heel are only allowed at the middle and high school levels.
    7. Outerwear such as jackets, hats and roller blades should be removed when entering the building (religious or health-related headwear excluded).
    8. To reduce distractions in school, hairstyle, jewelry and make-up should be worn in moderation. Headbands must serve the functional purpose of holding your hair back and may not be worn as style/decoration.
    9. For safety reasons (crowded hallways, excessive weight on student's backs), backpacks/book bags may be carried to and from school but must be stored in lockers during the school day. Students may not carry backpack/book bags into classrooms while classes are in session.
    10. School dress standards are applicable while attending extracurricular or school-related activities, including field trips.
    11. Exceptions to the dress standards may be designated "Spirit" days, "Dress Up" days, or other exceptions approved by the administration.

    Any apparel worn by students that administrators consider inappropriate or unacceptable in fit, style or message will result in the loss of a pride point. Offenders may be required to change clothes or remain in the office until appropriate clothing is brought from home. Students who have repeat offenses will be assigned detention, Saturday School, or other consequences.