• Ms. Fadanelli's Assignment Calendar

    week of 5/23: 

    Monday:  "Get to Work" worksheet. Bellwork on connection of work to energy.

    Tues -Friday:   working on Rube Goldberg design. Due Wed May 30. Check rubric for details. Do not lose rubric . It will be collected along with your design. 

    Wed: needed to turn in paper with goal -task to be accomplished by the Rube Goldberg design along with names of group members and the task each person in the group was to perform.









     week of 5/14:

    Monday: You must turn your article in, annotated (with 5 words defined of your own choosing) about Kinetic energy with the questions answered. 

    Tuesday: still calling 1/3 of the articles! 

    5th hour: calculate the KE and PE of the car at slot #12 vs. slot #2

    Wednesday. rough draft of lab analysis

    Thursday: typed lab analysis

    Friday: finish up the Sled Wars Gizmo







Last Modified on May 23, 2018