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    Welcome to Art!  More than anything " I love students!"  My name is Jane Plieth and this is my 4th year here at Pierce. Previously, I was a GM Design Sculptor.  LEAP OF FAITH-BUCKET LIST- and here I am! Thank you for allowing your student to engage in the unknown and discover themselves!

    In art class we will be following the ELEMENTS OF ART and PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN to further our art knowledge.  The first two weeks are an assessment time for me to get to know your students knowledge of art concepts.Then I will teach the elements and principles as they relate to each weekly assignment. This will include an introduction to the element/principle (vocabulary/description) , icebreaker/group project, and final artwork.

    Element             Type       Medium                     Concept                                   Career

    Line               Drawing    pencil/sharpie,         optical art                     Graphic Designer

    Color             Poster       markers/tag board   color theory                   Advertising Design

    Shape/Form   Foam       styrofoam/toothpick  balance/imbalance         Architecture

    Texture          Paper-mache  paper/glue/rafia cultural/writing              Art History

    Value             Drawing     6H-6B)-charcoal      light and shadow          Photography

    Space            Painting     acrylic on canvas    visual interest                Abstract Art


    Principle             Type       Medium                   Concept                                 Career

    Movement     Mobile          found object/string  variety                            Design Engineer

    Unity              Diptych      construction paper     symmetry                      Art Teacher

    Variety           Collage        found object/wood     symbolism                    Writer/Illustrator

    Emphasis      Printmaking   block ink/linoleum      negative/positive          Printmaker   

    Pattern          Tiny House    clay and glaze          textural effects              Potter/Ceramist

    Proportion    Self Portrait    photography             realism/nonrealism        Visual Effects


    There will also be fun DTS (Design Thinking Strategy) pop ups.  Example: 

    Title                  Type                  Medium                 Concept                Career

    CHAIR        Design a chair            paper/tape 1”high egg/45 minutes Critical thinking



    Every student has a chance to succeed.  Effort and Behavior are their grade. If they put in the effort and behave they will make excellent artwork.  I grade on the Grosse Pointe Grading Scale. Every two weeks you will see two grades: artwork and class participation. Please feel free to always contact me for information or other ideas.  (313) 432 4744.



    Guest speakers and field trips will be announced soon. We may go to Cranbrook Art Museum. S.O.C.give back project.More to come!

    Here is the link to my syllabus in schoology:  https://gppss.schoology.com/course/1654384940/materials