•  Parents supporting Parents - Circle of Support

    Parents of special needs children have their work cut out for them. Between juggling the unique needs of their children, the financial implication of those needs, and the social and political challenges they face in the schools, these families are hungry for a solid support system.  The GPPSS would like to welcome a new group for parents to turn to for support.

    Tish Hasting and Karen Lawrence are two parents who have been individually dedicated to strengthening their journey to be a stronger special needs parent. They both have children in the GPPSS with an IEP and strive to work with their children’s teachers, schools and the administration as a whole to create a more positive experience for their children. When they learned there was a need to create a group to support the parents of children with special needs, they jumped at the chance to take part.

    “We feel so fortunate to have gotten all of the support we have for our daughter. Between the love and education we received at Barnes in Preschool, to the collaborative approach at Monteith to the phone calls we make and advice we receive on how to tackle a family vacation at Disney, we couldn’t be happier with the support system we feel we have in the GPPSS. My hope is that we can share our experiences with others so they know how open the District is to partnering in all aspects of our children’s well being.” – Tish Hasting.

    PSP “With my husband’s schedule, I have always been the one to attend the IEP meeting and work with the teachers and support staff regarding our son. When it was time for my son to head to middle school I was very worried, so I asked my husband to attend our son’s IEP. We walked into a room full of nine support staff ready to help our son make that transition to middle school as easy as possible.  When we left the meeting my husband turned to me with tears in his eyes and said, “I can’t believe that there are so many people there to help our son.  We are so lucky to live in this school district and have all this support.”- Karen Lawrence

    The objectives of the group are simple:

    ·         Create a FUN, positive atmosphere for kids and parents to share in the common bond of being in the special needs community.

    ·         Create a safe place for parents (new and experienced) to come for support, collaboration and information gathering to positively impact our children or how we care for our children.

    ·         Dedicated to strengthening the journey for a stronger special needs parent.

    ·         Work with the administrators in the GPPSS to become partners in our children’s education.

    The group’s first event will take place Thursday November 6th at Maire Elementary, 740 Cadieux, Grosse Pointe from 6:30-8:00 p.m. The first gathering is a fun way for families to connect, gather information and leave their contact information for further updates. The Nutty Scientist will be the headliner to provide a fun atmosphere much needed by these families.

    For more information, contact PsPgppss@gmail.com or stop by the event on Nov. 6th!