Reading (to support the Common Core)

    Students will read titles in designated genres at their own reading level

    Writing (to support the                 Common Core)

    Students will receive instruction in designated writing modes progressing according to their own development


    Select pieces of literature which will be experienced by every student in the grade.


    1.Launching Reading Workshop

    2.Emergent story books

    3.Readers read pattern books

    4.Readers use strategies to read

    5.Readers get to know characters

    Nursery rhymes, songs, poems,

    and other selections to support the Common Core and Readers’ Workshop/Making Meaning

    1.Oral Language: Building a talking community

    2.Launching the writing workshop

    3. Pattern Books

    4. Growing as small moment writers

    See OS / Maisa units Unit of Study


    1.Informational Reading

    And informational texts including history/social studies, science,  technical texts, and Making Meaning provided mentor texts

    1.Label and list in a content area

    2.Writing a sequence of instructions: how to books

    3.Informational writing: personal expertise

    See OS / Maisa units Unit of Study



    Opinion letter