Welcome to French with Madame Overs!

  • Parents and students are welcome to contact me at any time. As email is more easily accessible during the school day than voicemail, I generally respond more quickly to email communication.

    email: oversm@gpschools.org

    voicemail: (313) 432-5809

  • Please visit Schoology for classroom communication. Click here. Merci! (Note: Make sure you're using your @gpschools.org email account to sign in.)

  • Where to find Madame Overs

    1st hour: French 1 @ South

    2nd hour: travel to Pierce/planning period

    3rd hour: French 1 @ Pierce

    4th hour: French 2 @ Pierce

    5th hour: 6th Grade Intro to French @ Pierce

    6th hour: French 1 @ Pierce

French moustache finger