The Elementary Gifted Program

  • Grosse Pointe's annual gifted nomination process takes place in the winter of each year.  Students in grades 2nd and 3rd are nominted for gifted services. Our magnet classrooms are 3rd and 4th grade split classrooms.  
    Students in 2nd and 3rd grade are identified through a system-wide Child Study Committee.  Nominations can be made by parents or teachers in the winter of their second and third grade year. Each nominted student has a portfolio with standardized testing, student writing samples, with a comprehensive teacher evaluation. 
    Students recommended for magnet demonstrate cognitive aptitude, significantly beyond their grade-level peers. This educational setting supports the emotional and behavorial characterists of children. 
    The curriculum of the magnet program, follows the Grosse Pointe curriculum, however, students are advanced at least one year in math, ELA concepts are taught with advanced depth and breadth.  Content area subjects are taught on a yearly, rotational basis. 
    The magnet learning experience:
    1. Differentiated learning at a greater pace or depth, depending on the needs of gifted students. 
    2. Project-based learning classrooms.
    3. Phases of learning based on readiness. 
    4. Student learning partners. 
    The parent nomination window is now closed for the 2020-2021 school-year. Families who nominated their child will recieve a recommendation letter via the US mail in April. 
    Keith Howell
    Elementary Curriculum Director
    Pam Liagre
    Magnet Coordinator