• April 17 - May 22
    Are you spring cleaning?  Wondering where to donate those extra towels, sheets, and comforters?  The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society could use those items for the dogs and puppies, cats and kittens they rescue, feed, and find homes for. The Ferry School Student Council is collecting all of these items and more until May 22. They also are in need of dog beds, collars, leashes, hand soap, and jars of meat baby food.  
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    The great students and staff of Ferry School donated enough money-- $174—to adopt 4 animals at the Detroit Zoo!  ADOPTS stands for Animals Depend ON People To Survive.  With our adoption of the Macaroni Penguin, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, and Tiger, we assist the Detroit Zoo in their mission of Celebrating and Saving Wildlife.  Our contribution will allow the Detroit Zoo to provide the very best in animal and veterinary care for the more than 3,300 animals representing more than 280 species that call the Zoo their home.  The Detroit Zoo welcomes everyone at Ferry  to visit this summer and see the many animals that will benefit from our generosity. 


    Student Council is for interested third, fourth, and fifth grade students.  A representative may not serve two consecutive school year terms.  Representatives must take an active part in council meetings.  After our meetings, representatives will report to their homeroom and a primary grade classroom.  Student Council is involved in school-wide and community events.  Integrity and good citizenship skills are a must. 

    The Ferry School Student Council is run under the direction of Ferry School Teacher, Mrs. Jane Ellis.


    2016 - 2017 Meeting Schedule

    President - Ben Kallabat

    Vice-President - Emma Dudek

    Secretary - Ava Smarch

    President's Oath: I will do my best to run Student Council and make decisions.  I will listen to the students of the school and try to help everyone understand the rules. I will follow the rules of the school and set a good example.Vice-President's Oath: I will do my best to be ready to take over for the president at any time and help him/her whenever needed.  I will follow the rules of the school and set a good example for others.Secretary's Oath: I will do my best to be a good secretary, write good notes and help make decisions on making this a better school.  I will follow the rules of the school and set a good example for others.