Andrew Backman
    Room       208   
    Voicemail  432-5222
    Class News:
    This year will will be using the Google Classroom to introduce, collect, and discuss student work. The link below will be useful once we begin the process.
    Monteith is the place to be!

    Room 208 Mission Statement

    We the students in Mr. Backman’s class are here to learn, have fun, make connections, and be good citizens.  We will work hard, be kind, and cooperate with each other.  We will accomplish this by listening to each other and always striving to do our personal best work.

    2018-2019  Specials Schedule
     Tuesday - Friday 1:50 -2:35
    Monday 2:00 - 2:40
    A Day
    B Day
    C Day
    Library/ Spanish
    D Day