• New to the speech-language program?  Here's some information for you!

    What steps are involved in getting your child signed up for speech-language support?
    1. Your child is referred by you or by his teacher for an observation of his speech skills.

    2. The speech pathologist listens to your child speaking within the classroom setting.

    3. The speech pathologist contacts you with a recommendation.  A complete evaluation of your child may be in order, or homework with an observation at a later date may be recommended.  It is also possible that your child's speech skills will be found within normal developmental limits.

    4. Before an evaluation can be completed, you will need to give your written permission. The speech pathologist will phone you to schedule a meeting.  Please see sequence of meetings below.

    5. The speech pathologist will assess your child's speech, as well as hearing. This assessment will be conducted during the school day, at a time that is selected by the classroom teacher.

    6. The speech pathologist will phone you to schedule a meeting to review the test results.

    7. You will attend a meeting (see below).  If your child qualifies for speech support, you must sign permission for your child to attend speech.  Please refer to IEPT meeting information below.

    8. Your child will be enrolled in speech for one year starting at the time you signed the speech-language paperwork.  For example: if your child was enrolled in October, he will automatically be re-enrolled in the program at the start of the following school year.

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