• Grosse Pointe Public Schools Technology Curriculum
    Kindergarten Students explore the role of technology in their lives and society;  learn proper technical terms for basic parts of the computer; care of hard and software; learn to use the mouse proficiently.  They begin entering simple text and graphics and start using basic draw/paint tools
    Grade 1 Students look at potential uses of technology in their lives; identify and properly use input devices like mouse, keyboard and microphone; use click, double-click and "drag": work changing font, color and size, punctuation and capitalization create borders and print: simple file management i.e. open, close, save
    Grade 2 Students examine how computers create a "global community"; identify and properly use output devices like monitor, printer, speaker; components and functions of PC like floppy disk, hard drive, CD-ROM; manage and modify text and graphics for aesthetics
    Grade 3 Students look at role of technology in their community; use organizational tools for inquiry; use various applications; manage graphics and format text; plan, design and communicate a simple multimedia project using graphics and sound; learn simple file management and formatting pages; keyboarding(7 wpm with 80% accuracy)
    Grade 4 Students discuss technology related environmental issues; use technology to manage inquiry; describe simple computer processing cycle; understand the organization and purpose of database; create and modify original graphics; simple multimedia project with sound and animation; create and format simple spreadsheets and graphs; use spell check and thesaurus effectively; keyboarding(14 wpm with 85% accuracy); access and retrieve online information
    Grade 5 Understand the role of technology in accelerating the pace of change in our lives; group contribution and retrieval of data; identify understand storage devices; manage files on a disk; demonstrate multitasking; simple multimedia project; create and format spreadsheets; create bibliography: use correct keyboarding techniques (20 wpm with 90% accuracy); perform an effective online  information search