*please check the CURRENT unit of study for up-to-date classwork

    Today in class:
    • reviewed oceans unit in groups
    • took test on Oceans
    • began reading Ch 9 and answering objective 2.1 on our new MINERALS notes (see minerals page)--this is HMK if not finished in class.
    Today in class:
    • science tip #5
    • finished the small remainder of objective notes (1.03: Gulf of Mexico Oil spill and 1.05: Carbon cycle/CO2 ocean reservoir 
    • reviewed density currents/lab from Friday
    • Group review--finish for HMK and study for test Tuesday.
    • There will be time to clarify any questions before the test.
    • To Prepare for your Test: remember to revisit your reading assignments: pp 407-411 and 427-432 and to study your notes and both lab assignments.
    Today in class:
    • science tip #4
    • Checked in last night's hmk
    • LAB: Ocean Composition (I'm available after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays till 4pm for lab make-ups; must be made up w/in the following week please)
    • HMK: Some hours had time for lab discussion and they turned the lab in today. Some hours didn't have time and kept their labs to finish over the weekend. All labs should be turned in by MONDAY.
    • HMK: Prepare for OCEANS QUIZ on Tuesday of next week. (review notes and assignments, re-read book pages assigned)
    Today in class:
    • science tip #3
    • objective notes 1.03 (add thermocline and deep current notes), 1.04, and 1.06
    • hmk: handout "salinity current lab"--read the lab procedure and answer q's on back using your TEXTBOOK.
    Today in class:
    • science tip #2
    • read and discussed articles on El Nino and La Nina
    • short video clip on El Nino
    • no hmk
    Today in class:
    • Science tip #1
    • Checked in and discussed hmk
    • viewed and discussed short video clips of ocean currents and the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" (see oceans link library)
    • no hmk
    Monday 1/30
    Today in class:
    • We reviewed the semester 1 exam. 
    • Discussed binders: Please set aside or recycle your 1st semester binder materials and begin your 2nd semester binder fresh and clean wth NEW tabs!
    • Took notes: 1.01
    • Did the "Currents Lab".
    • HMK: obj. 1.02 and finish the lab questions--due tomorrow. (see the assignments page for the lab handout and above for the objective notes handout)