• Erosion (glacial, wind, wave and mass movement)


    Looking Ahead
    Our next unit will be called Fluid Forces and we will be studying ground water and rivers.  Book pages 243-271.  Have a nice weekend! :)
    Today in class:
    • Took Erosion Test (the major portion of which was on glaciers and minor portion was on wind and wave erosion and mass movement)
    Today in class:
    • checked in objective notes homework (2nd page, front and back)
    • reviewed for test and played jeopardy :) (see links above)
    • HMK: study your objective notes and review the above ppt notes!
    Today in class:
    • science tip #3
    • turned in glacial land features hmk
    • worked in lab groups on objective notes
    • HMK:  finish objective notes (2nd page, front and back)
    • see the youtube link on the helpful link page called "longshore drfit" to help you with that portion of your notes; other links on that page may also be helpful--look around! Also, read pp436-437 to help with breakers and longshore currents
    Today in class:
    • reviewed/finished glacial erosion notes; refer to "glacial erosion" and "Michigan's Glacial History" ppt notes above.
    • HMK: coloring activity; identifying glacial land features and determining what type of sediment they are composed of. DUE tomorrow.
    Today in class:
    • video: The Great Lakes (see the youtube video, in the helpful links, if you were absent and write 3 paragraphs summarizing the video)
    • HMK: question handout about the movie.
    Today in class:
    • LAB: Modeling Glaciers (flubber lab)
    • some students were able to turn in their labs by the end of the hour while others chose to finish it over the weekend and turn it in on Monday.
    • HMK: only if you didn't finish the lab
    Today in class:
    • Checked in first page of objective notes
    • reviewed notes, added 2nd page in class w/ ppt and lecture
    • HMK: read lab; draw 2 illustrations of the lab procedure-one for step 1 and another for step 2.  Then complete questions #4 and #5 with the link given. Modeling Glaciers
    Today in class:
    • Science Tip #5
    • Sed Rx unit test with a lab practical portion
    • HMK: read pp 277-281 and complete the first page of objective notes