• Fluid Forces

    objective notes                                       
     Rivers ppt--updated 5/15 (also includes notes on Great Lakes watershed)       
    Groundwater ppt-updated 5/14                          Science Tips

    Please refer to the agenda for our new unit, "Dynamic Earth".
    Today in class:
    • Reviewed briefly with question/answer session
    • took Fluid Forces test (groundwater and rivers)
    • HMK: read pp 66-77 and answer the end of the section questions (4.2) #1-4.
    A look ahead:
    Wed--TEST on Rivers and Groundwater>>study objective notes, ppt notes and science tips linked above, and the 2 review assignments.  Also, be sure to check out some of the "helpful links".
    Today in class:
    • science tip #6
    • checked hmk/question and answer review in whole group
    • lab group study session for test tomorrow
    Today in class:
    • science tip #5
    • checked/reviewed lab data and questions and turned in
    • mini lecture on groundwater problems
    • hmk: finish the remainder of the groundwater problems and Part II review handout.
    Today in class:
    • science tip #4
    • Porosity lab
    • HMK: finish lab questions and...? (TBD)
    Today in class:
    • science tip #3
    • Checked in stream gradient and groundwater objective notes (except 1st hour)
    • Corrected stream gradient q's in class
    • Discussed groundwater notes
    • HMK: Test Review--Part I
    Extra Credit!!
    Due no later than June 1st 
    Some interesting questions and discussions arose from today's class.  I even offered EC for those who are interested in researching and writing 3 quality paragraphs about ONE of the following topics:
    • Has there ever been a flood in the Detroit metro area?  If so describe it, if not, choose a different topic for EC.
    • Are water bottling companies taking Great Lakes water and selling it back to us?  And/or to other countries? Is this controversial...if so, why?
    • In what other ways is the water in the Great Lakes being used and/or abused?
    **You must include source information for credit!!
    Worth up to 5 pts, dependent on quality of work.
    Today in class:
    • science tip #2
    • added stream gradient and flooding notes in lecture
    • completed ground water objective notes in lab groups
    • HMK: finish notes and complete stream gradient questions/calculations (see groundwater ppt above for help with notes)
    Today in class:
    • Science Tip #1
    • Reviewed/discussed objective notes; added the terms that you skipped over for homework
    • hmk: describe the direction of the flow of water in the Great Lakes Watershed (use the handout you rec'd today)
    Today in class:
    • Received your Sed Rx Test and corrected the wrong answers. Test corrections due at end of hour.
    • NEW UNIT: "Fluid Forces"
    • began homework after finished with corrections. HMK: Objective notes; 1st and 2nd page.  Skip the red items and the last 2 questions.