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    Grosse Pointe News:

    School reaches top of state's 'green' ladder

    February 04, 2010
    By Amy Salvagno

    Staff Writer

    Students and staff at Grosse Pointe North High School have gone the extra mile in their efforts to be eco-friendly.

    The school has earned the highest designation from Michigan Green Schools in its second year in the program.

    Teachers, administrators, building engineers and custodians, along with student clubs, classes and extracurricular groups, helped North maintain "green" status in the 2008-09 school year and reach the level of "evergreen" for 2009-10.

    Michigan Green Schools, a nonprofit focused on helping students become good stewards of the environment, recognizes schools that meet certain criteria each year, from recycling paper to creating a natural Michigan garden with native plants.

    The school was rewarded for engaging in 20 out of 20 Earth-friendly efforts, including adopting an endangered species through the Detroit Zoo and establishing an energy saving program throughout the building. North's memorial garden features Michigan and Midwest plants and flowers. Planter boxes and trees can be adopted and cared for by clubs and staff.

    Schools are designated "green" by achieving 10 of the 20 points of energy and environmental savings activities; those who complete 15 of the 20 points are designated "emerald."

    English teacher Kathy Sexton, advisor for the Be the Change Club, which helped oversee the application process, said she sent out a call last year to everyone in the building.

    "We had an outpouring from people. It really is a school-wide effort," she said, noting the North community went beyond what was required.

    There are everyday efforts to be more eco-conscious: Be the Change has placed recycling boxes around the school for plastic, non-returnable bottles; water coolers are available to encourage staff to use refillable water containers; and students submit some homework electronically and take placement tests online to reduce the use of paper.

    There are also environmentally-friendly endeavors that will have an impact down the road: Several teachers prepared a unit on alternative energy; for energy-savings, Be the Change Club sends quarterly e-mails to teachers reminding them to turn off lights, TVs and computers, an addition to reminders periodically sent from the school district; science teacher Ardis Herrold is running a fundraiser for the school to recycle print cartridges and cell phones; and, to promote improved vehicle fuel efficiency, students are reminded in special announcements to change their oil, drive the speed limit and keep air pressure accurate in their tires.

    Sexton said Be the Change Club was the best group to lead green efforts because of its ventures to promote positive changes in the school and community.

    In the fall, the club presented a Concert of Change, which raised money to fund the adoption of the Detroit Zoo animal and other school-wide programs. The club has placed pop can and bottle recycling boxes — the school does not have bins — for people to deposit returnables. The money earned goes back to the club to continue its school programs.

    Sexton said students are good about throwing cans and bottles into the boxes, not the trash.

    Grosse Pointe Times (MI)

    Published: December 3, 2009

    Concert of Change to benefit community GROSSE POINTE WOODS - The Grosse Pointe North High School Be The Change Tutorial will host the Concert of Change at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, at the Grosse Pointe Performing Arts Center, located at Grosse Pointe North High School. Tickets cost $3 at the door.

    All proceeds will benefit Be the Change activities, such as school and community programs that promote positive change and assistance.

    Evan Gutsue, John Johnson and Nick Canny, students of Grosse Pointe North High School, were very involved in planning the concert along with members of the Be The Change Tutorial and Dan Vicary, the technical director for the concert. A number of local bands will perform at the benefit concert, including Irish Coffee, Electric Girls, The Rad and The Guyz Downstairs.

    "All of the bands performing are including positive messages in their performances that the Be The Change Tutorial promotes throughout the year. We believe it is important to give local talent a forum to perform while supporting positive change in our community," said Kathy Sexton, adviser for the Be The Change Tutorial and English teacher at Grosse Pointe North.

    Grosse Pointe North students and the Be The Change Tutorial recently hosted a blanket drive to help warm the homeless, and North just received Michigan Green School status. Plans are currently in the works to work with local elementary and middle schools to promote positive change.

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