• GPN Michigan Evergreen School
    The Be the Change Green Team was successful in not only achieving its second consecutive year of Michigan Green School status, but also earning its highest ranking--Evergreen.  Be the Change tutorial raised money to adopt an endangered animal at the Detroit Zoo, started a plastic bottle and returnable recycling program, among other things to gain this title. 
    Blanket Drive to help the homeless
    Emina Karamovic was instrumental in starting a blanket drive to aid the homeless in our area.  The GPN community and the Be the Change tutorial donated and made blankets that were donated to needy families and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen on Mount Elliot in Detroit. 
    Concert of Change
    Held December 4, 2009.  Four local bands played this benefit concert.  Social Static, Electric Girls, The Rad, and Irish Coffee all performed.  Each group included positive change messages their performances.  Money raised is used to support school and community improvement projects.  Evan G., Johnny J., and Nick C. were instrumental in the organization or this event.  Special thanks goes to Dan Vicary and his crew for their help and expertise.
    Monteith Video Announcements
    Be the Change tutorial students go to Monteith Elementary School and assist with their morning video announcements.  They include messages encouraging respect of self and others and well as other Be the Change ideals.
    Respect Awareness Week
    Students are in the process of fine tuning the plans for GPN's first Respect Awareness Week.  It will be a week long campaign to raise student awareness on a variety of issues all involving respect of self and others.