1. Set aside short periods--one ten minute dose at a time
    2. Plan frequent doses 3x-5x daily
    3. Focus on a small concept in your notes, lab, research, activity and create a mental picture of it. The brain remembers pictures—this is how we really think, if you think about it. Do not be tempted to simply memorize definitions or words!!! We do not remember paragraphs and pages, but we do remember pictures.
    4. We do NEED words, but one little idea or one small concept at a time will build a pictorial vocabulary.
    5. Make use of your study buddy and keep each other on a set schedule each day for 10 minutes 3x to 5x a day
    6. Follow this plan and this class will be FUN! You will enjoy learning because you will know what is going on in the class. You will be prepared to take a test at any time. You will be able to build upon learned concepts and grow your understanding. No more torturous cramming sessions from 2 am to 6 am only to perform mediocre at best on a test!
    7. You will be prepared everyday and enhance the learning of your classmates with your brain power and class preparation. After all, only you are able to make the contributions in your head. So use this method to gain confidence, develop great study habits, and enjoy learning.