• The professional staff believes that each student is unique. Our staff is dedicated to providing appropriate and stimulating experiences and activities from which your child can learn, grow, and develop a wholesome attitude toward learning. The Young Fives program will follow the kindergarten curriculum while taking the necessary time to ensure students understand concepts at a developmentally appropriate pace. With that being said, we anticipate that our Young Fives program will provide our youngest learners an amazing experience  that will help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally in order to be prepared for Kindergarten.

    This program will run Monday through Friday during regular elementary school hours. The full-day program includes age and ability-appropriate instruction in all common core subject areas. The day is a wonderful combination of large and small group activities, with opportunities for individual and buddy work. Music, movement, and art activities are woven throughout the curriculum and daily routine.  The Young Fives classrooms will also participate in physical education, library, music, and art specials classes each week. Recess is part of our daily routine to foster gross motor development. We want all our Young Fives to be happy and enthusiastic to learn, so providing a safe and fun learning environment is critical.

    • Those who sign up after April 18, 2019 will be placed in Young Fives (after the April 25 lottery) in the order of their enrollment date and once the program is full they will be placed on a waitlist.  

    • All GPPSS Families must complete the residency and enrollment process at the administration building. 

    • Click here for the enrollment step process

     Please note the following details regarding the process and student assignment to specific buildings:

    • If you do not want to attend your neighborhood school for Young Fives you would need to follow the In-District Transfer Process identified by Board Policy. The Policy and necessary forms are available on the district website under the enrollment section.

    • Regardless of which building a student is assigned to for their Young Fives experience, they are expected to attend their neighborhood school for their traditional kindergarten experience in 2020-21.


    Thank you for your help in completing your child’s enrollment. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I can be reached via howellk@gpschools.org or via phone at 313.432.3044.


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