•  Welcome to the Class of 2020 web page!

    Advisor- Mr. Rennell
    Contact- Michael.Rennell@gpschools.org
     First Council Meeting- Wednesday September 7th at 7:15 am in Mr Rennell's room #164 in the S Building
    Freshman Force!
     Float House-  The Burdick's @ 27 Lakecrest Lane
     Planning and float party schedule
    Tuesday August 2nd from 3-6pm-   Planning and pom meeting 
     Tuesday August 9th from 3-5pm-  Planning and pom meeting
     Float party
    Sunday August 14th from 3-6pm-  Float, poster, banner, and poms 
    Tuesday August 16th from 3-6pm  - Cancelled due to inclement weather!
    Friday  August 19th from 1-4pm
    Sunday August 21st from 3-6pm 
    Tuesday August 23rd from 3-6pm
    Friday August 26th from 1-4pm
    Sunday August 28th from 3-6pm
    Tuesday August 30th from 3-6pm
    No float parties Labor Day Weekend
    Float parties will be on Wednesday's from 3:30-6:00  and Sunday's from 3:00-6:00 pm until further notice