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    Since the early 1990s, Putney’s Community Service programs have collaborated with small, rural communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and Oceania on projects that respond to locally identified needs. Each year, Putney students return from a summer abroad and report that they’ve learned an important lesson about community service: In working alongside our hosts to improve their communities, we gain as much as we give.

    Rise early and work in teams to improve a school or community center, repair housing for a low-income family, run a summer camp for local children, and become immersed in the life of your host community.  Choose a two-week, three-week, or four-week program where you work alongside local people, learn new skills, and build friendships across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Contribute to the common good at the grassroots level, broaden your perspectives, and take an essential step toward the goal of making change.

    Specific locations include: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Ghana, Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania, Ecuador and the Galapagos