• We have two full day programs designed for 3 year olds. Both classrooms are designed to foster independence and ignite curiosity! Children participate in large and small group activities, dramatic play, art, outside time and various specials. Younger 3's, turning 3 after 9/1/17, join our Preschool Prep classroom! Children turning 3 on or before 9/1/17 will join our Preschool classroom. 

    The Preschool Prep classroom can have 12 children per day, with a 1:8 child to teacher ratio.

    The Preschool classroom can have 16 children per day, with a 1:10 child to teacher ratio.

    PreS   Prep

    Locations for 2017-2018 School Year:

               Preschool & Preschool Prep: Barnes ECC- 20090 Morningside Drive, GPW

               Preschool: Monteith Elementary School -1275 Cook Road, GPW

    Hours: 7:15 am -6:00 pm M-F (see calendar for specific closings)

    Tuition for 2017-2018 School Year:

    Tuition is billed monthly in equal installments. 

    $628/month for 3 days a week

    $818/month for 4 days a week

    $1,047/month for 5 days a week

    Application Process: Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are accepted between January 9, 2017-February 3, 2017. If there are more requests for admission than space available, a lottery will be held. You will be notified by telephone and email if your name is selected. You will have 24 hours to accept or refuse placement. Click on the application link below to get started. *Classes must meet minimum enrollment to operate.

    Preschool Prep Application (Approx 30 months by 9/1/17)

    Preschool Application (3 years old by 9/1/17)