FINAL EXAM - MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015
    The final exam will cover information presented in Chapters 1-13) in Latin Via Ovid, plus information discussed in class. 
    1st declension endings
    2nd declension endings, including neuter endings
    3rd declension endings, including i-stem and neuter forms 
    Nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, and ablative cases
    Present tense
    Imperfect tense
    Future tense 
    Perfect tense
    Pluperfect tense
    Future perfect tense
    Imperative (commands) 
    negative commands 
    Noun-Adjective agreement
    Adjectives used as nouns
    Vocabulary and stories from chapters 1-13
    The irregular verbs sum, absum, and adsum in all 6 tenses, both the Latin forms and the English meanings 
    Dative with certain adjectives
    Suus, -a, -um and eius 
    3 periods of Roman government, including names of rulers from each
    Roman numerals and Latin numbers 1-20, 100, and 1000 
    Basic etymology
    Geography (map)
    Mythology, including:
      creation of the universe, Gaea + Uranus and their kids, Cronus + Rhea and their kids
      creation of man and animals
      punishment of man and Prometheus
      15 major gods and goddesses - Roman + Greek names, duties, attributes
      story about the cause of the Trojan war 
      Misc. stories, including Arachne, Latona and Niobe, Callisto, Baucis and Philemon, founding of Rome 
    review "Introduction," pages xv--xviii in the textbook 
    Also review sententiae from this semester 
    2 sections that are "written out" rather than multiple choice:
       1.  Identify the CASE and NUMBER of  Latin nouns from Chapter 12 + 13 and TRANSLATE into English.
       2.  Identify the TENSE of Latin verbs from Chapters 11, 12, + 13 (plus "sum," "adsum," and "absum") and TRANSLATE into English.