• Building Bridges of Learning

    The mind is not a vessel to be filled,
    but a fire to be kindled.

    Dewey Bridge
       The human brain is magnificent and mysterious with awe-inspiring potential.   It makes one aware of who one is and it allows one to plan, hope, dream, aspire, learn and create.  
    This in mind, perhaps the most spectacular aspect of the brain is the myriad ways it employs to incorporate and assimilate information, experiences and ideas.  The diversity that exists among the ways each person’s brain thinks and feels is as unique as a fingerprint and has been the focus of much research.   
       For more than twenty years, much time and practice has been devoted to the phenomenon that is the complexity of learning and the role the brain plays in how individuals learn in unique ways.
         What has been learned about the brain—especially the role it plays in learning—has encouraged a teaching philosophy that embraces brain-based teaching and learning; a teaching method that assimilates brain research into the teaching and learning process.   
       Whether you are a student of the LRC, biology or physics, we will work together to explore the intriguing, exciting and wonderful world that is LEARNING!

       Together, we will build BRIDGES between YOUR current ideas and understanding of learning, biology and physics and explore new ideas that will challenge not only WHAT you think but HOW you think.
       By starting with what you already know and discovering how your knowledge fits with current scientific thought, your current knowledge will expand and learning will become organic.

       We will accomplish this by exploring INQUIRY-BASED labs, engaging in thoughtful class discussions being challenged by class activities, research questions and projects.