South’s Art Department 
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    Concepts and Materials In Art

    Students interested in art and design should enroll
    in this prerequisite as early as possible

    Concepts and Materials is the prerequisite for Ceramics, Communication Design, Computer Graphics, Design with Fibers, Design with Metals, Design with Sculpture, Drawing and Painting, and Figure Drawing

    Art Now

    No pre-requisite required. Only open to students in their junior and senior years.


    Ceramics I, II,III, IV, V, VI

    AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

    Design with Sculpture

    Design With Sculpture I, II, III, IV

    AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

    Communication Design

    Communication Design I, II, III

    AP Studio Art: 2-D Communication Design

    Drawing and Painting

    Drawing and Painting I, II, III, IV

    AP Studio Art: Drawing

    Computer Graphics

    Computer Graphics I, II, III, IV

    AP Studio Art: 2-D Communication Design

    Figure Drawing

    Figure Drawing I, II, III, IV

    AP Studio Art: Drawing

    Design with Fibers

    Design With Fibers I, II

    AP Studio Art: 3-D Design


    No pre-requisite required for Photography I.  Photo II

    AP Studio Art: 2-D Photography Design

    Design with Metals

    Design With Metals I, II, III, IV

    AP Studio Art: 3-D Design

    Art History

    No pre-requisite required for Survey of Art History


    Enroll in Concepts and Materials early in your high school career.
    After this full-year comprehensive experience in art, you will be able to take any course you desire.



    Course selection After Concepts and Materials

    IMPORTANT- You will benefit by taking two levels of a semester long course in the same year.  Or, take two separate semester long courses in the same school year. This applies to: *Ceramics, *Computer Graphics, *Fibers, *Metals, and *Sculpture

    If you are interested in AP Art:

    Teacher approval is required before enrolling.  It is highly recommended you exceed the minimum required pre-requisite experience.
    All students should retain artwork from Concepts and Materials and all levels of other courses.  Other coursework may be used in the breadth category for AP courses
    Careers in Art and Art related career paths

    There are many opportunities for careers in art and design. There are many careers which require the knowledge you’ll gain in art courses.  As the world changes, artists and designers are at the forefront.  Preparation for careers of this nature cannot begin early enough.  In all cases, professionals with visual art experience have an edge over others.

    If this is your interest, you need to take art courses which are offered through the Art Department.  Make sure you are fully informed as you make decisions during course selection.