• Welcome to First Grade!

    Class and Curriculum Overview

    Teacher – Mrs. Krausmann


    Balanced Literacy Program

    A new program developed in collaboration with Oakland Schools/MAISA.    Reader’s  Workshop

    Guided Reading is a small-group instructional time for which children are grouped according to their instructional reading level.  It takes place during reading workshop time and is designed to bring young readers to a level of independence.  The small group reinforces what they learn in whole-group instruction and through their individual work. Small-group time emphasizes specific goals or strategies, and the groups change frequently because the children grow and change as readers.   Your child will be assessed and given an alphabetical letter that corresponds to their reading level.  Often times, there are many different reading levels within a first grade classroom. 

    Writer’s Workshop

    Writer’s workshop consists of a mini-lesson each day (writing strategies), conferencing and sharing time.  Routines are a critical part of writing workshop.  Having a set structure helps the children make appropriate decisions and accomplish their goals.  The main purpose is to use this time to equip children with lifelong strategies they can use writers.


    Each week we will concentrate on a word family and five high-frequency words (Wall Words).  Word work will be practiced daily, however the children will only be tested on Friday mornings on the high-frequency (Wall Word) words.  Tests on Wall Words will not begin until October. 


    Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project.  It will follow your children through their elementary school career. 

    Everyday Math

    This program provides a Family Letter for each unit.  It is important to keep these letters in a safe place as it contains all the answers to the homework the student will be given. 

    Fact Fluency       



    Developed by Foss

    Weather (to be studied throughout the year).

    Solids and Liquids

    New Plants


    Social Studies

    Developed by Scott Forseman.  There are six units of study that will be taught throughout the year.  The units may be taught out of this specific order so that they can be taught within the other classroom themes or timing of holidays, etc. throughout the calendar year.

    Time for School

    In My Community

    Work! Work! Work!

    Our Earth, Our Resources

    This is Our Country   

    Our Country, Our World