Young Fives Program




    We are excited that the interest in Young Fives continues to exceeded our expectations. The District will again offer Young Fives at Defer, Mason, Poupard, and Maire depending upon enrollment, during the 2019-20 school year.

    The Young Fives program offers an alternative for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional kindergarten experience.  The program is free for younger five-year-old children who live in the Grosse Pointe Public School System attendance area.  Eligibility is determined by birth date -- children must turn five between March 1 and December 1, 2019. Students who complete the Young Fives program would be expected to return to their home school the following year.  The natural progression from the Young Fives program would be to Kindergarten.
    • Students will be assigned to their neighborhood school if they live in the Defer, Mason, Poupard or Maire attendance areas.

    • The District will conduct a lottery on April 25, 2019, based on parental preference regarding placement in the Young Fives program for Ferry, Kerby, Monteith, Richard, or Trombly students. 

    • Those who sign up after April 18, 2019 will be placed in Young Fives (after the April 25 lottery) in the order of their enrollment date and once the program is full they will be placed on a waitlist.  

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    • Young Fives FAQ 2019

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